Frequently Asked Questions

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The right mask is the one that doesn’t leak and doesn’t hurt. This may vary depending on the size and shape of your face. If you open your mouth while sleeping (mouth breather), you may need a full face mask, but may also be fine using a nasal mask or a nasal pillows (intranasal mask) while using a chin strap. If you feel claustrophobic using a full face or nasal mask, you may prefer a nasal pillows mask. You might need to try out a few masks before you find the mask that is right for you.

If you open your mouth while sleeping with the machine while using a nasal pillows (intranasal) or nasal mask, air may rush out of your mouth. You would know this as you would awaken with a dry mouth. In this case you may potentially benefit from a full face mask.

Heated humidification is for comfort. It relieves nasal irritation and congestion that cold dry air can cause.

You may possibly do well with a nasal pillows (intranasal) mask or a nasal mask while also using a chin strap.

If you are comfortable breathing through your nose without opening your mouth you may do well with a nasal pillows mask.

Cushions, pillows, and filters should be changed monthly. Entire masks with headgear, water chambers, and tubing should be changed at least every six months.

You should purchase a new machine when your current machine is no longer functional or you want to try a new model. Machines generally last 4-5 years or more if well cared for.

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Regularly washing you mask seal and keeping it clean of facial oils is very important for maintaining a good mask seal. RemZzzs ™ CPAP Mask Liners or cloth barriers may also help.

Please refer to the Health Insurance Submission Codes that includes the DME codes you will need.

Most patients do well will CPAP therapy, which features the same pressure breathing in and out. BiPAP gives you a higher pressure when inhaling and a lower pressure when exhaling. AutoPAP machines vary the pressure throughout the night by sensing your pressure requirements. Speak to your sleep medicine physician as to which machine is right for you.